About Mindscaping

As you may have guessed, Mindscaping is a made-up word.  It is about your inner landscape and the fact that you become in charge of it, - just like landscaping your own garden:

When you are seeking therapy, you might feel that your garden is bare, or overgrown: there are lots of invasive species, dead branches and unhealthy growth - in short, your garden is in a poor state.  You might think that getting a bit of weeding and random trimming done would be enough, but it may soon go back to the same condition.

Influenced by psychoanalysis, Art Therapy can help you to get to know what you have in your inner garden: trees, shrubs, plants, etc.  You will learn the way each individual grows, the way they respond to seasons and weather, as well as trimming.  You will also learn pruning skills: where to make the cut, when to do so, how much, in order to encourage the new healthy growth that will maximise the beauty of the individual species over time.

Landscaping is not an overnight job, yet Art therapy helps you to think creatively, putting things into action, making a mark each time wherever you have been, observing the response before you apply more changes, and visualising what you wish to achieve.  You may start planting something new, seeing how each one co-exists with others, balancing and creating harmony to witness your garden’s gradual transformation, while being able to maintain it at the same time.

What would it be like to create your garden so that it always has something flowering?


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